​Jay Christian is an accomplished Hollywood celebrity interviewer and journalist.

​​​Jay Christian is renowned all over the world with a repeated print readership exceeding five billion! He's been read by more people in the world than any other celebrity journalist in Hollywood history!

Jay has written thousands of celebrity feature articles, throughout his long career, in a multitude of high readership magazines, which have more than proven his capability and professionalism. His feature articles have appeared in magazines such as: InTouch Weekly, TV Guide, Saturday Evening Post, The Star, Your Health Magazine, Country Weekly Magazine, Soap Opera Magazine, and countless others, including international magazines in England, Scotland and Australia.

Today, he is the publisher of his own online magazine called- Famous In Hollywood.

Jay Christian's many accomplishments have come from strong work ethics and discipline. Nothing came easy and there were many hardships along the way, but the joy and reward was the praise of the Hollywood community and celebrities recognizing him as an exceptional interviewer and journalist. He has interviewed hundreds of legendary actors and A-listers! 

Jay has a likable, upbeat persona. He has always been devoted to transpose the complexities of an interview into a universal language for all age groups to understand and enjoy. His main focus has been celebrity human interest stories.  All his featured articles propelled each celebrity to the forefront of public attention and accelerated their careers.

Jay's professionalism has brought him the respect from celebrities, editors, publicists, managers, agents and the public alike.  He has a  good reputation that stands to this day. 
His versatility in the arts is exceptional!



  • Celebrity Interviewer
  • Journalist
  • Author
  • Screenwriter
  • Musician & Singer
  • Composer
  • Radio Personality
  • ​Producer of music and a documentary film​
  • ​Magazine publisher

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